Antiques and Collectibles for Sale in Bowling Green, KY

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Here s a very nice hand washing machine. Would make a great cooler. In real good shape. Great Display piece. Would look nice on your porch.
Here s a neat vintage heavy garden gate. 32 w x 45 t. Cross Posted
Here's a neat antique Door with the wavy glass window. No cracks in in glass. Original hardware is missing. Came off an old house in Bowling Green, Ky. 35.5"w x 90"t. Cross Posted
Neat old wood ironing board. Sturdy. 53"l x 33"t. Great to display. Cross Posted
Here's a neat PLASTIC Plant Stand. Great Display Piece! 32"t x 11"sq base. In real good condition. Cross Posted
Here's a trim piece sample from Sledge Craft when the Hermitage Hotel was being reinvented years ago. Unfinished. 13"t x 50"w x 2 1/2"d. Cross Posted
Here's a neat old screen door advertising Honey Krust Bread Sold Here. The top of the screen is missing. rust. Original Hardware. Door is 34.5"w x 82.5"t. Cross Posted
Neat old solid Wood Door. Original hardware. 32"w x 79.5"t. Cross Posted
Here's s neat old Citizens Bank Thermometer. Pulled it off an old building in Ky. Approx 4"w x 13"l. It does work. Cross Posted
Friendship picture Home Interior. Large, can give measurements if interested. Meets in bg..and rockfield
Here's an old chippy paint door with the original hardware. 30"w x72"t. Solid Piece. Cross Posted
Large pasta bowl, chef design. Never used. Purchased at Kirkland. Price is firm Meets in bg...or rockfield.
Here's an unusual round wood screen window. It came off a 100 + year old house. It was originally a pivoting window. I don't have the frame. 24" in diameter. Cross Posted
Here's an old iron vent grate from a building in Columbia, Tenn. It was made by the MM & F Co. Milwaukee, Wiss. 12"x12". Very Heavy. Cross Posted
Here's a Hershey's counter top display stand. It's plastic. It has one tear in plastic. See photo. It's not been cleaned yet. 20"w x 11"d x 17't. Cross Posted
Vintage yard Carr. It rolls but wheels wobble. Great Display piece. Cart is 19"t without the handle. Cross Posted
Neat old wood ironing board. Sturdy. 53"l x 33"t. Great to display. Cross Posted
Here's an Antique Screen Door from a very historic home in Portland, Tenn. 38"w x 81 1/2"t. Rescued from a barn.
New never used wedding cake topper. Price is firm. Meets in Bowling green or rockfield.
Here's an original Honey Krust Bread Screen from an old screen door. This came from the old honey Krust Bread bakery that was in Bowling Green, Ky. Not in the best of shape. This is a Screen only. I don't have a door. Approx 32"w x 78"t.Cross Posted.
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